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From RCP – Fox News Scorching Rivals

October 2, 2009

Fox News Scorching Rivals

Dresd_4Scorching? How about carpet bombing? The latest Arbitron numbers are almost impossible to believe.

As you can see, every show in the top ten is from Fox News, as are 13 out of the top 15. In fact, only one of Fox News’ fourteen programs is ranked below #15 in the ratings. That show is Red Eye, which airs from 3-4am – and it still pulls in more viewers than MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

The personal battle between Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann is no contest. Even O’Reilly’s repeat show at 11pm pulls in 52% more viewers than Olberman’s prime time show.

Good thing MSLSD thought so much of Blabberman that they gave him a $3 million raise!

So Rino Joe gets fewer viewers than Red EYE? LMAO! With regular guest like Pat (Hitler wasn’t really that bad) Buchanan and Zvig (let’s bomb Israel) Brezinski how can this be? Maybe it is the list of whack job liberals from Time, Newsweek and the NYT no one wants to see when they wake up!

The war among morning shows – though not as high profile as it is on the Big Three – is also a joke. If you combine the household audience numbers from CNN’s American Morning and MSNBC’s Morning Joe, they still fall 23% below the number of households tuning in to watch Fox and Friends.

So – why is this happening? Apparently people are turning to FOX for real reporting on the embarrassing performance of President Zero and the Lefty Congress. The others refused to report in the Jones story, ACORN and villified the 9-12 Tea Party. hmmmmmm

I happened to flip on Rachel Maddog one night and she was spewing some kind of non sense about Sen Vitter and prostitutes – errrr Rachel, that happened in 2007? Is there any wonder why no one is tuning in?

Rush said it best – “Why are these liberals still so angry?” After all they own the WH and Congress?


To appreciate the enormity of these numbers notice that FOX shows at 9 am and 11 am get more viewers than ALL prime time shows on MSNBC and CNN.

Overall, Fox News generates nearly twice as many viewers each day as CNN and MSNBC put together. If this were in fact a war, the white flag would be running up the pole as we speak.

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  1. November 2, 2009 10:29 pm

    Gotta love it!

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