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OK – here is definitve proof from US Park Service of the Crowd Numbers on 9-12 – One Million PLUS!

September 13, 2009

Unlike some that sit in dark basements blogging ignorance I was there on Saturday. There are many pictures available depicting people all the way down the mall to the Washington Monument. What should add to the crowd estimates is that people were also on Pennsylvania Ave all day and in the surrounding areas around the Capital Bldg that is restricted for inauguration ceremonies. So we can see that there were at least one million people there on Saturday. That is unless you classify USA Today and the Park Service as a right wing extremist group! This was published in January to depict how many people were present at Zero’s Coronation!


Here is a link that shows a larger view of the Mall area.

Here is a first hand report. Police and volunteers told me that they had not anticipated the large crowd. At different times during the day they had to open more sections of the mall that are actual street blocks causing them to close more cross streets. You can see by the pic that any report of crowds in the 100k range are simply ignorant. Yet since the original projection was 100-200k it is easy to see the challenge the Park Police were faced with.

This will be the first and last thing that I ever post about the drug induced rants published on Saturday by the ponytailed ukulele player at LGF Charles Johnson. CJ – get out of your basement you whack job. You sit on your safe little underground throne spewing crap at bloggers that are respected for their work and appear at events throughout the world working with passion for their cause. Yet you never go anywhere. What is that? You take second hand reports and cherry pick crap from the internet that you have no idea of it’s authenticity or context. Here’s a clue CJ – there is a world outside of your basement.

As a recovering addict (25 years) CJ I hope you get help – sobriety is great. It will improve your bleak attitude of the world and maybe you can influence people with truth in a positive way. Errrrr ahhhhh CJ, don’t you think that posting a blog criticizing a rap singer at the march is a sign of a brain turned to shit? Until then, here’s hoping you reach your bottom safely you fookin liar!

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  1. September 17, 2009 10:09 pm

    Somehow, I see Чарльз Джонсон raging and seething, just like the Paleostinians and their Islamofascist allies. If you can call them that.

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