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In the Midst of MILLIONS Two Kodak Moments

September 13, 2009

Words cant describe how awesome the 9-12 Tea Party March was today. As a matter of fact pictures really can’t. I had two “Kodak Moments” with strangers that really summed it up for me – more to come.

0912091222aHere is the corny travelogue. All the plans worked out fine. BH and OE met us at the Metro. Shark’s son Chris was our tour guide as he knows DC and the Metro very well. Oh – be sure to compliment Shark on what a great Father (and Grandfather) he is as Chris is really a fine young man! Our group never split up and remained together all day – quite a feat. While we waited for some of the Table 9 guys to wee wee I got a call from Ario – he was two blocks away! So everyone from the table made it and marched to the mall together!

The best way to describe the crowd is that it reminded me of a 50 ft wave that comes from nowhere and just when you expect it to break, keeps on rising. The people just kept marching down Pennsylvania Ave. The wave never seemed to stop. The prediction was 100 – 200,000 and reports are that there was between 1.5 and 2 million – oops! Check out this cool time lapse video to get the idea – (hat tip r2)

Sometimes when I least expect it, in an unexpected place and moment one of those magic moments occurs to help me get “it.” Oh, these experiences usually include an “elder,” one that possesses wisdom.

Kodak Moment #1
When we got on the Metro Betty, a “older” woman from a very small town in SC sat down next to me. I am a chatty guy and said hi and asked her where she was from. Betty was chatty too and told me that she coordinated 15 buses from their town. She told me that three weeks ago she (add southern twang) “justa had to come” and she told her Tea Party Group that she would make the plans. She went on, ” I ain’t never done anything like this before so I was a mess. My phone never did stop ringing for three weeks.” WOW. She said, ” well first I rented one bus, then two and well before I knew it we had rented every God dern bus we could.”
0912091041They drove through the night to get to DC as they couldn’t afford a hotel. As a close friend in Wales would say – I was Gobsmacked! I think Betty immediately helped me understand what I was getting into and I immediately suspected that there would be well more than 100,000 people. Betty was as fired up as a 15 year old going to the beach! Thanks Betty!

Kodak Moment #2 The Colonel

We were about half way to the Mall and some of the gang needed a pit stop. I sat on the ledge of a wall waiting and noticed a senior man sitting alone with a Cap indicating that he was a Veteran. He had the typical leather tough face with deep wrinkles and a jut chin. I shook his hand and thanked him for his service. Chatty guy I am asked where he was from – He said SC too. I had a back pack with some snacks and offered him fruit and a bottle of water. He took the bottle and thanked me. Then I said – you all (pandering, I know) need to do something about Lindsey Graham.

He is a Retired Colonel and had served in three wars, Korea, Nam and Desert Storm 1. His wife had just passed away and he drove his camper up to see “just what the hell was going to happen here.” You could see in his eyes that he has seen more than most men ever will. As we watched the endless stream of people walking down Pennsylvania Ave to the mall – singing God Bless America, chanting USA, USA and generally showing their respect for our great country he said two things that got me in the heart.

The Colonel told me he knows Sen Graham, as in retirement he ran the local VFW. “Sen Graham presented us with a flag and has been to my house a few times.” Then came the snapshot – “I don’t really know what happened to that Man, somewhere along the way he just lost it.” I said – “Lost it?” “Yes sir, he just forgot how this thing works – he is doing things he was not elected to do.” Amen Colonel!

As we looked back down the route to see if the sea of humanity was letting up he put it out of the park – “this is really something today. I came here on Thursday and have never seen so many Patriots in one damn place in my entire life.” His face contorted and eyes filled and I could tell that he was proud to be an American and somehow he was satisfied that he served for a higher cause!

We shook hands, he thanked me for the water and we went our way.

Salute Colonel!

This day was not about politics really. It is about our angst at Government in general. They are just not doing what they were elected to do.

A special thanks to everyone at the Table 9 lounge. Your encouragement and friendship made it more special than it was. Literally hundreds of people asked me about my homemade “Table 9 Shirt.” I told them – it is the best conservative chat room on the internet – stop by!!

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  1. Intrepid permalink
    September 13, 2009 2:22 am

    I’m so glad that you could go and be part of this great gathering! It appears that you met some folks who touched your life – heh, they were southerners!

  2. September 13, 2009 11:24 am

    Sounds like a phenomenal day! You guys are inspirational.

  3. September 13, 2009 7:52 pm

    I so wish I could have been there! I was in spirit~ Great job!

  4. September 16, 2009 4:15 pm

    iam, howdy – great post, too bad the MSM ignored the whole Shebang!
    Oy, so what else is new? (lol)

  5. September 16, 2009 8:26 pm

    I do love this.

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