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TIME To March!! Table 9 Mobsters Unite to March in DC tomorrow!

September 11, 2009

YES!! My inner child is ready to go! 😉

As much as I hate reading peoples cornball travel diaries I felt compelled to post this piece. 🙂

Tomorrow is the big day. For those that don’t know what Table 9 is here you go. We are a chat room group that first met in the old Little Green Footballs Lounge and when the proprietor Charles Johnson sunk into insanity Roses and some others started an independent chat room. I had seen the writing on the walls at LGF early on and stopped going there (and was banned) shortly before Table 9 began. When I was contacted about our new home I was ecstatic. Table 9 is an amazing place as with little or no moderation we all remain civil. Our common bond is conservative/libertarian positions and a deep love of our great country. We are scattered about the world, all ages, religions with many psychological quirks.

This is the first time I participated in a chat group like this and am amazed at how I have developed genuine caring for many of my comrades without ever meeting them. I had lunch with stashiu and shark last winter and today the three of us had lunch with Ornery Elephant (equipped with chocolate covered peanuts) who stomped into town for the 9-12 March.

Tomorrow several other Table 9 Mobsters will be in town for the March from all over the USA. I haven’t been this excited in many moons!! Attending – Shark and sons, Jed and wife, BH, OE, Stash, ario and me. On Sunday OE and I will be meeting babes and some others for dinner.

I spent weeks thinking about what to put on a sign for the March. I started with “Impeach Obama,” “FOOK Pelosi,” and went to “Burn DC BURN.” None of them seemed appropriate as the issue is not really with only Obama. Or Nancy Botox Pelosi. What enrages me about the state of our country was articulated this week at Obamas speech. Simple. Concise. To the point. Yes Congressman Wilson said it all –


Yup, what pisses me off is that for years our elected officials have run our Country into the ground while telling us bs lies. And – I can spell “lies” and it is easy to get on a T-Shirt!

Wish us luck tomorrow. YES – more pictures to come!

And for anyone that has never been to the lounge – try it. Table 9 Link Some of the best people in the world hang there each day and night!

Here is a pic of my Dog Dubya and my sign for tomorrow – Yeah he hates it!

Below is the front and back of my custom made shirt for tomorrow –



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  1. September 11, 2009 8:50 pm

    Oh, man! Wish I could be there! Have fun you guys! With you in spirit!

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