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Oy Vey – Such a Deal?

August 28, 2009

obama_IsraelA recent poll shows that the percentage of Israelis that think Pres Obama is pro Israel has tumbled to 4%. This puts Benjamin Netanyahu in a precarious position as he tries to juggle his relationship with the USA and the EU with his own people. Unfortunately many of his Ministers will have none of it and are up in arms about Pres Zero (and Jimmah Huessein Carters) demand that settlement construction be halted. Many of his Ministers are about to revolt.

From the Australian –
ISRAELI Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces a revolt from within his own ranks over concessions he is prepared to make to enable the Middle East peace talks to resume.

As an indication of the extraordinary political juggling act he will be required to perform in coming months, it was revealed yesterday that two rallies are planned for his return to Israel this week, to protest against any concession on Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

It highlights Mr Netanyahu’s dilemma – strong pressure from US President Barack Obama and European leaders on one side to halt all settlement activity, and pressure on the other side from a powerful constituency inside his own right-wing Likud party to allow the settlements to continue growing.

The protests are likely to be attended by some of his own ministers.

The Jerusalem Post reported yesterday that the first of the rallies, planned for Tel Aviv this Tuesday, was being organised by one of his ministers, Yossi Peled.

Read the entire article here

Lets hope that Obama and Carter will have something other than their hatred for Israel in common – ONE FOOKIN TERM as President. The last two Presidents that had such disdain for Israel were the last two to serve one term – Carter and Bush the elder. Watch what Hamas Spokesman and Obama advisor Jimmah Huessein said this week –

How any Jew can support Obama and Carter is beyond me. There has never been such open hatred for Israel by USA Presidents. Carter should be expelled from the USA.

I have a great deal of respect for Netanyahu as I see him as tough and still prudent. Some see him as a hawk while others see him as a wimp.

Either way this is the deal he is trying to sell to the Israelis –

Mr Netanyahu has repeatedly insisted in recent days that the heart of the decades-old conflict was not the settlements but the Palestinian refusal to recognise Israel as a Jewish state.

“The core issue is for them to recognise Israel as the state of the Jewish people,” he said. “This is what started the conflict, what stokes it and what will end it.”

Let’s see. Halt the settlement so that the Pali’s recognize Israel? Haven’t we tried this before? Does anyone believe that Hamas and Hezzlulah will ever recognize Israel?

OY VEY Binyamin! A deal this is NOT!

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