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Zero Desecrates Sept 11 – Proclaims “National Day of Service” WTF??

August 27, 2009

Hat Tip Collins Report

twin-towersRemember “Never Forget?” Well apparently Pres Zero and his leftist whack jobs forgot. Looks like the post racial Zero will be assembling a group of Hip Hop Thugs to lead the celebration calling it a “National Day of Service.” What a disgrace to those lost on 9-11.

Barack Obama has a sick surprise for America on September 11 this year. This unpatriotic Marxist hack slipped through a bill that turns the nation’s solemn day of remembrance into a perverse celebration of socialism.

This is a gross insult to our American heroes who lost their lives on that terrible day. They deserve our sincere remembrance, not socialist bilge from the very type of people whose policies invited the attacks to begin with.

Instead of coming together in a national resolve to never again drop our guard Obama’s Marxist Democrats have slapped us in the face. These Comrades have named September 11 “National Day of Service”, and desecrated its meaning.

Obama announced his plans for this foul smelling outrage with a conference call whose participants were a roll call of America’s domestic enemies. The leading group was the Hip-Hop Caucus a “coalition of hip-hop artists, advocacy groups, labor unions, and youth leadership organizations.” This collection of thugs and residents of our country, who won’t understand the first thing about patriotism, is lead by a “Reverend” Lennox Yearwood.

He’s best known for being arrested outside a Congressional hearing and calling General David Petraeus a liar.

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  1. August 27, 2009 7:27 pm

    It is outrageous to choose THAT day – for a President of the United States to choose THAT day for ANYTHING other than what it must commemorate is absolutely unbelievable. It goes beyond tone-deaf.

    And his idea of forced volunteerism’ – remember requiring so many hours from grade school kids and high schoolers? – only compounds the outrage.

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