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Mazel Tov Mobsters – The Zero has Landed

August 18, 2009

plane crash Zeros star has fallen faster than Susan Boyle’s. The Dems are self-destructing. Crap and Tax is dormant in the Senate. The Zerocare Bill is in disarray.

Some revealing info from Polls released today –

  • A USA Today Poll reports that 57% of Americans say that the Porkulus Package is not working – (since only 10% has hit the streets this is no surprise) USA TODAY POLL
  • A Gallup Poll reports that Conservatives outnumber Liberals in all 50 states – Gallup Poll

In other News –

Arlen (Oy Vey such a Schmuck) Specter says that the MOBSTERS at the Town Halls are not representative of America – WHAT?

Canada’s Healthcare Program is collapsing and they are now considering how they can get private providers involved – errrrrrrrrr – Canadian Implosion

Don’t give up the fight mobsters -they are on the ropes!

Baruch Hashem!

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