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Contessa Brewer – another dim light at MSLSD

August 18, 2009

Here is what IMUS had to say about Brewer when she was a news reader on his morning show –

“With that fat ass she’s got, she wouldn’t be one of ‘em,” Imus said on the air Friday. “That skank has to spend three hours with makeup in the morning … Who’s she kidding? . . . Plus, she’s dumber than dirt … Oh, my God, what a pig. But I was willing to cut her some slack and not say anything, you know, until – in fact, I didn’t say anything . . . That’s why they have those big double-doors there at MSNBC, you know, so they can get her fat ass in makeup.”

Watch her cut off Zack Lahn (the student that challenged zero to a debate in Colo)  after he punks her – for this Brewer gets the Nancy Pelosi Award for being fookin dumb and clueless – in less than 10 seconds.

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  1. August 18, 2009 2:42 am

    Amazing, they don’t care about letting the kid talk, it is about her opinion, and that’s it – ALL of them do that on that channel. CNN, too. Watch Campbell Brown’s pleading eyes and shock in this piece… How can you NOT love Obama?

    The kid does a good job, sticks to his guns and scores some points.

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